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Based in China, Singapore, and Australia. COTX Networks is a solution provider that devotes its attention to IoT, IoT Security, crypto mining devices, and cloud services. We provide IoT gateways, IoT devices, IoT software, crypto mining devices, and services to consumers and enterprise customers. The manufacturing facility, R&D, lab, and customer support teams are across China, Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia. Its core team has experience of more than ten years in telecommunication, electronic system design, IoT solutions and products, software development, crypto mining, manufacturing, and e-commerce. COTX has also been providing OEM/ODM products and software outsourcing for many large enterprise customers. 

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Florida, US-based company. BIT HARVEST STUDIOS was founded by the need for a new kind of crypto mining firmware for Helium and other lorawan, crypto mining, and web 3.0 services providers. We bring blockchain technology experience from many different aspects of this industry.

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HANKTIMES TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. is a professional IT outsourcing service and solution provider specializing in catering software solutions.

We have over 4000 employees and 300 enterprise customers, including, Alibaba group, Tiktok, Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), etc. Our service and product cover China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the United States.

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