Lithium Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Our energy storage battery products are high capacity, stackable, and have long life cycles. They can be used as companion batteries for home solar panels, data centers, telecommunication stations, and can be supplied in containerized large-scale energy storage plants. 

We are looking for business partners worldwide to collaborate with - distributors, integrators, power companies, power network service providers, etc.

DyRI Lithium Battery Energy Storage Solutions

DyRI is one of Riki Tech's Business Partner

Stackable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack

Energy Storage Battery Vendors

INVT iMars Solar Inverter & Battery

DyRI Stackable energy battery for the data center. Ready to ship.

EiTai Solar Battery

Container-size energy storage battery for the power plants. In R&D.

  • We are looking for partners around the world

Please contact us if you are inspired and want to join our Global Energy Storage Grid Ecosystem if you are a:


When the DyRI Lithium battery product can be shipped?

DyRI products are expected to be available starting in Q3 2023. (Other brands battery products we can ship now. )

We welcome any volume orders. You can also request customized products or share with us your OEM/ODM requirements.

You will get high quality products and services.  contact us:

From where do you ship the battery pack?

We ship the battery pack from Shenzhen, China

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